As it has been widely

  • As it has been widely reported, FCC chair William Kennard has resigned, in expectation for a change of direction at the FCC being brought on by president-elect Bush. Kenndard announced that he plans to join the Aspen Institute, where he will become Senior Fellow of the Communications and Society Program.
    As it’s turned out, Kenndard was one of the more progressive FCC chairs in quite some time–although that’s not saying too much since he followed a series of Reagan and Bush (Sr.) appointees who were far more interested in deregulation than in trying to equalize the overwhelming pro-industry, anti-citizen bias of the FCC. While many unlicensed broadcasters were busted on his watch, he will nonetheless be remembered for attempting to make low-power FM a reality again, along with other efforts, like improving phone service on Indian reservations.

    With free market-happy Michael Powell on the horizon as FCC chair, for those of use interested in having a truly free media, the night only looks to be getting darker. At least the enemy shows itself more clearly and thereby becomes a better target.

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