The music industry from a

  • The music industry from a musician’s standpoint: Rock and Rap Confidential has put up a page asking the question Why Do We Need the Music Industry?”
    My answer: we don’t, except for the fact that not everyone can download music from the Internet and the big box CD stores won’t carry anything that doesn’t come from the major music industry. Now, if we can find a way for musicians to bring their music directly to all people–not just middle class folks with computers and broadband connections–then the music industry becomes much less necessary and effective. Indy labels (like Dischord or Urbana’s own Hand Made Records) and distribution (like Parasol, which also just happens to be in Urbana) are two solutions, but really don’t yet have the reach of a Best Buy or Sam Greedy. But there is one answer: you, the Internet user, can easily buy your music from independents and, when you’re not on the ‘net, you can expose yourself to the other 9/10 of the music missed by commercial radio and eMpTV by listening to your local college or community radio station.

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