The new issue of Micro-Film,

  • The new issue of Micro-Film, the locally produced journal of independent and personal cinema, is out. It’s the first anniversary issue with articles on the Roger Ebert Film Festival 2000, lots of independent films like Godass and Threat, along with opinions and reviews. Ask your local independent book/magazine/zine retailer to stock it, or get info on subscribing at the website.
    Jason Pankoke, the publisher, is a pal of mine and has been on RFC many times. Independent film–especially no-budget film and desktop video–is an exciting and growing part of the contemporary independent media movement. These filmmakers are helping blur the line between media professionals and everyday citizens by demonstrating that large budgets and mainstream legitimacy are not necessary to produce excellent, sincere and artistic movies. Of course, Jason also represents this attitude in his contribution as an indpendent publisher.

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