BAD NEWS: Mbanna Kantako and

  • BAD NEWS: Mbanna Kantako and Human Rights Radio in Springfield, IL were shut down again by the FCC this past Thursday. Here is the word from Prof. Mike Townsend:
    At 11:15 AM Thurs.,Nov.30,the FCC agents of repression raided Mbanna Kantako’s Human Rights Radio for the 2nd time in less than 2 months. Before coming to the door,the FCC had a private contractor scale Kantako’s 2 story rental home to disconnect and remove his 2 antennas. Apparently, they didn’t like the fact that Kantako broadcast the 1st five minutes of the last raid (on 9/29/00) “live” on-the-air before the raiders realized what was going on. This time the Matrix Police sent only 8 members of their multi-jurisdictional task force into the home. They were so polite that when Mbanna’s wife,Dia,demanded that they remove their shoes before stepping into her livingroom, to steal the equipment, they meekly complied! Despite the fact that Mbanna was in direct violation of a federal court order not to broadcast,there was no attempt to arrest him. Mbanna and his family took it all in stride as they audio taped the entire 45 minute intrusion into the privacy of their home. Mbanna intends to get back on-the air just as soon as he receives the necessary equipment from supporters around the country. Meanwhile,the federal marshall’s office is running short on space to store the radio loot from their raids on Human Rights Radio. Stay tuned. Mike Townsend

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