Yet again, John Anderson, host

  • Yet again, John Anderson, host of pirate/free radio at, has an interesting article–this time about a couple of pioneering microbroadcasters using the ‘net as way to provide true public-access radio.
    While community radio, where most folks can have access to a real radio studio, provides public access to make media not otherwise seen, it’s even a step closer to put voicemail and e-mailed sound files on the air. It’s a powerful idea, since it can extend a voice to people who might not be able to get to a studio, whether they’re shut-ins, institutionalized, or simply don’t have transport. Of course, there is the potential for problems with content that many will find objectionable–John notes that one station had Nazi rants, for example–but I think the opportunity for some unfettered access to the airwaves outweighs that risk.

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