I’m back from a long

  • I’m back from a long Thanksgiving vacation in Colorado and ready to resume posting.

    I tuned around the radio dial a little bit on my car trip out and while in the Denver metro area. As one might expect, there was quite a bit of country music to be had, along with a lot of Christian broadcasting on the left end of the dial. A nice surprise was High Plains Public Radio, which I listened to on a late Saturday evening through most of western Kansas. Instead of hearing typical public radio fare (mainstream jazz or classical), I heard a very eclectic music program hosted by a young woman who sounded barely out of high school, not professional (a good thing), but clearly having a good time playing her music–everything from trip hop, to punk and world music. It sounded more like community radio than public radio to me, though I’m sure it’s much more “public-like” during daylight hours. A pleasant listen nonetheless, especially since I didn’t expect to find much of interest at all on the radio dial out in the sparse high plains.

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