In light of the recent

  • In light of the recent shutdown of Mbanna Kantako’s Human Rights Radio in Springfield, IL, it’s important not to forget about Napoleon Williams and Black Liberation Radio In Decatur, IL, just 40 miles East of Springfield. Napoleon’s station was shut down not by the FCC, but by local authorities who, after years of harassment, finally railroaded him on Illinois’ first ever conviction for felony eavesdropping (not even Linda Tripp received such punishment!) for recording a telephone call between himself and a DCFS case worker who told him that there was no reason for DCFS to have custody of his children. By comparison, note that Katako was permitted by Federal Marshals, local police and the FCC to videotape and audiotape the raid on his home and station as it happened.

    Visit these sites to learn more about Napoleon Williams’ struggle:
    The old RFC news page on Black Liberation Radio Pirate/Free Radio Page Article on Napoleon Williams and BLR
    To Whom It May Concern: Decatur Illinois’ Untold Story
    Break the Blackout
    Petition to Break the Blackout on Napoleon Williams

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