Christopher Maxwell from the Virginia

  • Christopher Maxwell from the Virginia Center for the Public Press and Radio Free Richmond (VA), sent out the following update on the LPFM battle in Congress, from Senator Robb’s Telecom Legislative Assistant, Jeremy Grant:

    “still no sign of when we’ll get out of here.
    the president signed a bill to keep the government
    temporarily funded through next wednesday
    (10/25), but it’s uncertain whether congress
    will be able to get done with its work by then.

    on a positive note, john mccain sent a letter
    yesterday to Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman
    Ted Stevens urging him not to add any
    telecom-related legislation to year-end spending bills.
    will let you know more as i hear more. “

    In the event that anti-LPFM legislation gets attached to an unrelated appropriations bill it’s important to let President Clinton know that there is tremendous public support for LPFM–enough to give him reason to veto that appropriations bill and risk making Congress work overtime to get the budget worked out. Contact the president:
    Phone: 202-456-1414
    Fax: 202-456-2461

    For more information, check out the Radio Citizen website, also conveniently linked at the right.

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