Wired News has a story

  • Wired News has a story about Alan Freed and Beat Radio Minneapolis. Freed, who operated ulicensed Beat Radio until being shut down, lost his last appeal in the 8th circuit, challenging the constitutionality of the ban on low power stations and unlicensed operations. Like the outcome in the Free Radio Berkeley case, the judge ruled that Freed would have had to apply for a waiver from the FCC, and then been denied in order to challenge the consitutionality of the rule. If accepted, Freed’s next step is the Supreme Court.
    The ruling in this case and Berkeley’s should not be surprising, since the judiciary typically holds the law and regulation in the highest esteem. It rarely looks kindly upon those who attempt to work outside the system, or those who dare reject the system outright (like Mbanna Kantako). Apperently you still need to bang your head against the brick wall in order to prove that it’s a brick wall.

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