More on the Human Rights Radio Shutdown:

  • More on the Human Rights Radio Shutdown:
    As soon as the raid started Mbanna started recording things on his tape recorded. The full 36 minute undedited recording is now available in RealAudio at the Indymedia site, and in mp3 at the A-Info Radio Proejct site. Listen and hear our government at work. If you have a station (licensed or unlicensed), download the mp3 and broadcast it! Thanks go to Sheila Nopper and Ron Sakolsky of the Springfield, IL Media Activist Coalition for sending me the tape to digitize and upload.

    Mbanna appeared in court yesterday, and I received this report on it from the Media Activist Coalition in Springfield.

    Finally, Springfield’s newspaper, the State Journal-Register, finally reported on the bust and court appearance. Please don your mainstream media filter glasses before reading.
    “FCC threatens to shut down broadcaster.”
    “Court Issues Injunction Against Broadcaster”

    I will post more information as I receive it!

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