As a followup to the

  • As a followup to the previous post — I highly recommend an article published on the LA IMC site called “The Empire Strikes Back.” It’s a nice, thorough analysis of the police actions against protestors at North American trade meetings since WTO and the mainstream press’ coverage. I especially like this piece because it is clearly written and well reasoned, but also well substantiated with research that feeds the author’s analysis, without having to fall into the trap of supposed “objectivity.”
    I think this just illustrates that even when working outside the mainstream it is important to nonetheless well worn tools like logic and evidence to back up claims. Sometimes, especially in the heat of the moment, it’s too easy to simply rely on force of conviction and rhetoric to make a point. Unfortunately that approach too often only “preaches to the converted,” and falls short when attempting to sway the minds of the more critical (or apathetic). This does not mean that I am discounting the value of conviction and rhetoric, but rather I do mean to claim that they are not alone sufficient in waging a campaign of thoughts and words against the powers that be.

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