Last week the House of

  • Last week the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 3439, the so-called “Preservation of Broadcasting Act.” Originally intended to kill low-power radio outright, the bill was changed to apply the engineering standards for full-power stations to low-power, effectively preventing 80% of the stations that would be possible under the low-power standards approved by the FCC. The bill has yet to hit the Senate, although 21 senators have already signed on to it. For what it’s worth, President Clinton has said he’ll veto the measure if it hits his desk.
    Here are some links on the topic:

  • John Anderson at has continued his excellent coverage of the issue.
  • Here is FCC Chairman Kennard’s statement on the passage of the House bill.
  • Salon has an article about the mixed messages NPR has sent regarding LPFM–NPR claims not to oppose it, but nonetheless supports legislation to limit or kill it.

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