Archive | November, 2002

Hey Look! Zines are Cool! (Slow News Day in DC?)

The Washington Post’s Magazine Reader stumbles upon Zine Guide and gets all aflutter about ‘zines:

“Zine Guide makes my heart swell with patriotic pride. It makes me want to wave the flag. It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings about my fellow Americans, who are, it reveals, a delightfully diverse, eccentric, quirky, cranky, compulsive, obsessive and in some cases truly demented people, God love them. “

What I will say about this article is that it pretty well manages to avoid being too patronizing, and doesn’t attempt to read ‘zines as the next big thing. Mostly, it’s just a quick chronicle of ‘zines listed in Zine Guide that got the author’s attention — I don’t even think the author’s read the ‘zines in question. …

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