TelCos Lie

MediaSavvy notes a new report that enumerates the many ways that our local telephone companies (or “Regional Bell Operating Companies” aka RBOCs) are lying to us and picking our pockets.

And my local telco, SBC/Ameritech, has got to be one of the worst. I’m still reeling from the fact that the Illinois regulators approved the takeover by SBC, which has one of the worst customer service records in the industry. And they wonder why all aspects of customer service–especially the time it takes to get a phone installed–went in the toilet the year after SBC took over. And what happened when regulators started to look into it? SBC says, “oh, gee, it looks like it’s going to take A LOT LONGER than we expected to get DSL installed in Chicago. Gosh, sorry, enjoy your shitty dialup!”






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