• $13 Is Cheaper than a New Blu-Ray Player

    A number of years ago I bought a nice Yamaha Aventage Blu-Ray player. I bought this model because it’s a so-called “universal” disc player, able to deal with nearly any format in existence, including high-resolution SACDs and DVD-As. On top of that, reviews gave it very high marks for its audio quality for just playing…

  • Weird Dreams

    Weird dreams last night make for a weird morning eat some yogurt and granola try to shake it off

  • Sunday errands

    Today I bought light bulbs salsa freeze-dried cat food then had a beer and poutine now I’m writing this

  • To Make Sound Art You Just Need a Recorder

    Dictaphone, cassette recorder, microcassette recorder, digital voice recorder, smartphone. That’s it. Hit record, make sound. These are the fundamentals I have to remind myself of every so often, when I get too obsessed with fidelity and having really good microphones and recording with many more bits and samples. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with quality, until…

  • Keeping It in the (Sony NEX) Family

    After writing this post about how much I still love my 8-year-old Sony NEX-5, I did actually buy a new camera. Well, not so much a new camera as a newer camera. I bought the last model in Sony’s NEX line, before it was consolidated into its Alpha line of cameras. In the process of…

  • FS09 – ELEPHANT – As (1984)

    French 1980s electropop cassette. Sublime. At Internet Archive.

  • Uncreative Writing and Sucking on Words

    I think Kenneth Goldsmith may have rekindled my love for writing.

  • Why I Still Use My 8 Year-Old Sony NEX-5 Digital Camera

    I love electronics and gadgets. This includes digital cameras. Do I get excited about the newest advances and models? Yes I do. At the same time I’m aware of how easy it is to get on the upgrade cycle treadmill. When the new 42 megapixel full-frame wonder hits the streets, it’s easy to start thinking…

  • Cleaning for Podcasts

    Like most people I presume, I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning. Of course it’s drudgery, but it has not always been the work part that I avoid. In part, I’ve avoided cleaning because once I’ve started I want to get it right. I want things to be really fucking clean. Once I’ve started that…

  • Update

    It’s been a little more than a year since I moved from Chicago to Portland, and about fifteen months since I left my career in instructional technology in higher education. Some days it feels like so much change has happened in that time. Other days it feels like my life has always been like this.…