How to set manual control shortcuts on Sanyo Xacti camcorders

This is part two of my video series demonstrating how to use manual controls on Sanyo Xacti camcorders. I used the CG10 model, which I own, but this should work for the newer HD models, too, such as the CG21, CG20 and CG100.

In this video I show how you can assign a particular control to a direction on the control joystick. For instance, you can assign manual focus to the right positions of the joystick, so when you push it to the right you can access the focus controls. This is much more convenient than having to dig into the menus to change the focus.

Unfortunately, these adjustments are only available when you’re not shooting — you can’t change aperture, shutter, focus, ISO or exposure control while recording. In practice I haven’t found this to be a significant constraint, since I rarely am taking long shots. If I’m going to shoot something like a lecture or performance then I might either be able to set the focus and exposure for the whole the event, or I’ll use autoexposure so the camera can respond to changing lighting conditions, with minimal impact on the image quality.


3 responses to “How to set manual control shortcuts on Sanyo Xacti camcorders”

  1. Dariusz Avatar

    Sorry to write, but NO manual setting of aperture and shutter in CG21. I just got it and I am REALLY disappointed. No [M] EXPOSURE setting in shortcuts menu. Shame on you, SANYO. Camera has “features” like talking when turning on, but part of essential manual control is cut.

  2. Keith Avatar

    Hi Just want to say, as Darusz said, it doesn’t look like you can manually adjust exposure on CG21. I got to say I am very unhappy as this isn’t clear in Sanyo’s literature. Anything to do? Is there a firmware upgrade to get it back? Still nice camera but a shame about loss of flexibility

  3. Alex Avatar

    There are no manual exposure controls in CG20! The title is misleading.

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