People’s Radio in Rogers Park

Reclaim The Commons

I’m a little bummed that I didn’t know about this project that happened in my Chicago neighborhood this past weekend – People’s Radio at Mess Hall:

People’s Radio will be a fully functioning radio station aimed at promoting alternative and local points of view, non-mainstream music, creating a dialogue about the “Commons”, and to demystify radio.

We will be webstreaming at

or, if you are in the vicinity, during the festival you can tune in at 104.7 FM

This is the culmination of two weekends of workshops conducted by members of Radios Populares. ( where people learned how radio works, how to build antennas, and how to set up a webstream.

I intended to get over to the Glenwood Arts Fest, but as many intentions go, it didn’t happen.

The webstream is down already and I’ll check out 104.7 FM when I get home, though I’d guess it’s no longer on the air either. I don’t know what kind of power they were using, if it was Part 15 (and therefore legal to use without a license) or higher. In any event, using a radio broadcast for short durations at events is a very effective use of the technology that mitigates many of the complications (and risks, if you’re using more than Part -15 power) associated with running regular or constant broadcasts, while also concentrating energies to demonstrate the power of broadcasting, especially when made accessible.

I hope the event was successful and might see a repeat.


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