Free Radio Berkeley Video: How To Make a Radio Station

The venerable Free Radio Berkeley has a (relatively) new video demonstrating all the parts in the air chain of a micropower unlicensed radio station, fresh from their Oakland, CA shop:

How To Make a Radio Station from Free Radio on Vimeo.






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  1. Mike Flugennock Avatar

    I can’t seem to find an email address here for you, so I’ve posted this as a comment to the most pertinent recent article I could find.

    I’ve been a reader of Mediageek since I discovered it on the newsfeed column here at the DC IMC, where I’m an editorial cartoonist and producer of samizdat newsreels…

    BLAST FROM YOUR PAST: Oct 5 1998: Radio Pirates Lay Siege To FCC, NAB

    ARRR, MATEY! Let’s set the TARDIS for 1998, and watch these courageous Radio Pirates lay siege to the FCC and the NAB in protest against rules against LPFM community broadcasting. See and hear pirate broadcasters hurl defiance at the FCC by broadcasting live from the street. See the Jolly Roger hoisted over the NAB! Features Flint Jones, Pete Tridish, Lyn Geary and others.

    This is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series of “The Oldies, Remastered” that will be posted as I work my way through all my old 8mm video footage of DC protest events between 1998 and 2002 (when I bought my first MiniDV cam and learned how to use FinalCut Pro).

    When I first started posting protest video to the Web — through my own site, and on the old DAMN! (Direct Action Media Network) site, I was constrained by technical limitations: forced to work with an 8mm camcorder, a slightly-underpowered G3 Macintosh, and Avid Videoshop (a slightly lame online video editor that came bundled with the G3), I was producing work that was the video equivalent of the raw, early WSQT newscasts — sampled at 320×240, no clean sharp titling, jump-cut editing, exported to crunchy RealMedia streams — while wishing I could turn out a little more polished product. It was while going over old 8mm protest footage, trying to decide what to save and what to throw out, that I decided to try “re-cutting” some of the old footage into the kind of pieces I’d always dreamed of doing back then, and am able to do today — sampled and edited with nice, clean titling/captioning and apropos background music.

    So, let’s climb aboard the IMC TARDIS and head on back to those pre-Seattle days of yore…

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