Wired Gadget Lab on Flip Mimo: Good, maybe not work extra bucks

Those of you following these little flash-memory pocket-cams like I am might be interested in Wired’s Gadget Lab review of the new Flip Mimo, which is a smaller, slightly more feature-rich version of their signature $150 Flip camcorder.

Though slimmer and prettier the Gadget Lab concludes:

It’s a solid little cam that’s easier to transport, simpler to re-charge, infinitely sleeker, and about as easy to use at the Ultra (once you get accustomed to the touch buttons). But at $180, the price just doesn’t seem quite right.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to muck with the video function on one of my digicams yet. Though I went to my brother’s wedding this last weekend in scenic Baltimore, the battery on my cam crapped out early with no good opportunity to recharge. I did, however, discover while playing around on the ride to Midway Airport that the video on my Treo 755p smartphone sucks rocks.






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