Is Boulder Free Radio Back?

Monk–the captain of the original, but departed Boulder Free Radio–observes the apparent resurrection of the mantle. The new captains say:

Pirate Radio lives again in Boulder! We may go by others names and on different frequencies. We may broadcast live on the air, or streaming over the internet, or both. We may do it from our homes, our vehicles, businesses, parties or local bars. Some days, we don’t do anything at all and the air is filled only with static. Other days, we bring voices and music from other citizens in Boulder and from around the country, and the world.

The first iteration of KBFR was infamous in micropower circles for maintaining a clever and long-running game of cat-and-mouse with the FCC that lasted years. Monk finally shut the station down in 2005 after being hunted down and busted by the Commission.

From their website it looks like the new KBFR team intends to utilize many of the stealth methods employed by Monk. It will be interesting to hear how successful they are.



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One response to “Is Boulder Free Radio Back?”

  1. ZT Avatar

    We had a good run at KBFR going 24/7. When, we only did and evenings and weekends (around 2002-2003) we attracted a lot less attention.

    If the new guys are are only up sporadically, I’d imagine they’ll have a pretty good run, but maybe not as large of an audience.

    But… That’s pirate radio — they more popular you get, the more they try to shut you down.

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