Not dead, not sleeping

A day job can be a catalyst or a killer for a blog. A catalyst if that day job provides ‘net access and lots of desk time. A killer when… well, there isn’t so much sit time.

As I mentioned nearly two months ago, I have moved to Chicago from the much smaller burgh of Champaign. But the move has just started. I am living in a room in a guest house of sorts in the Rogers Park neighborhood since moving in four days ago.

On Monday I started a job at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL providing digital media and collaboration support to the School of Communication.

Part of my job includes becoming the staff adviser to the student radio station, WNUR. It’s a great station, largely due to the fact that it remains student-run and student-programmed. I haven’t yet started this part, but I’m looking forward to it. My hope is that I’ll be able to produce and broadcast mediageek at WNUR.

In that post from Feb I mentioned that I hoped the move would free up some more time for blogging. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but I’m only four days into it and still adjusting to a somewhat longer and much different commute. My wife is still in Champaign and we have a house to sell, so blogging may still be a bit sporadic for a while.

One thing I’ve really been enjoying–amongst many–is the left end of the radio dial. In addition to WNUR Chicago’s north side has two other great community and freeform oriented stations: WZRD 88.3 FM from Northeastern Illinois University, and WLUW 88.7 FM from Loyola University. Eclectic, unpredictable and edgy, these three stations make the rest of the dial nearly obsolete and make me glad to be on the north side.







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  1. Mr. X Avatar
    Mr. X

    Chicago Soutsiders despair not:

  2. JaPan Avatar

    Good luck on the new job, Paul. ~ jp

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