The Radio Kitchen

Thanks to Weatherall at the Cobalt Pet I just learned that WFMU DJ, The Professor, has his own blog now. The Radio Kitchen is where he shares the AM and shortwave radio bandscans of the sort he used to post to FMU’s Beware of the Blog. His richly annotated bandscans–recordings of late nights spent listening to far off radio signals–were one of my favorite entries at Beware of the Blog, so I’m really glad to see them return. And now he makes it easier to listen along with a Flash-based MP3 player right in your browser.

The Professor also shares interesting stories about unique stations, like this post on Poughkeepsie New York’s WHVW, which airs a truly eclectic oldies format on AM, bolstered by volunteer-programmed specialty shows not at all unlike community radio. The specialness of the station is much easier to understand when you can listen to airchecks the Professor has recorded.

It’s good to be reminded that there’s still a world of wonder to be found on radio, even if you have to pick through megahertz worth of Clear Channelled garbage to find it.






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