free103point9 Says There’s No News in the Times about Brooklyn Microradio

Just noticed free103point9’s Tom Roe’s comments about the Times Brooklyn pirate radio article I blogged about yesterday. He calls it “under-reported,” by which I think he means “not sufficiently reported” by the freelancer who wrote the piece, not “under-reported” to mean “a story which deserves more coverage like this.”

Roe goes on to comment that the reporter,

fails to mention several prominent hip hop and hipster stations, and fails to address the “why” at all. Mindlin’s main news flash: WFUV’s web site has received 294 complaints about interference from pirates since August, though they could all be from one person as he doesn’t question this number at all.

Roe’s comments don’t really change my opinion on the matter. If it is indeed true that some of the new stations are creating real interference and/or broadcasting on the same frequencies as existing licensed or unlicensed stations, then they should cut it out and/or change frequencies. However, I share Roe’s skepticism about the story and its relative lack of substance or other strong evidence of interference.



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  1. Tom Roe Avatar
    Tom Roe

    Yes, the main point of my post was this was just some freelance schmuck trying to earn $100 from the Times (I know, I used to be that freelance schmuck.) There is news to report on the NYC microradio scene, this reporter just never looked for it, or didn’t look very hard. Apparently, he read some blog post with someone complaining about interference and ran with it. Everyone should know by now to be skeptical of things they read on blog posts, but this reporter does not. If you look up FCC enforcement actions in NYC, you have a story. If you interview microradio folk in NYC I am sure you can find a story. This reporter did neither, and his “story” is not a story, just an invoice to a Times editor.

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