Free DivX Pro for the Holidays

I’m not the biggest fan of DivX because it’s not terribly useful for web distribution of video — especially if your audience isn’t particularly computer savvy. Nevertheless, DivX Pro is not a bad tool for compressing videos into the DivX codec, which is good for getting pretty high near-DVD quality video onto CD-Rs and such. DivX is also supported on a bunch of DVD players, network video players and other electronics. So it can be an efficient way to compress your video for these purposes.

The good news is that DivX is giving away its Pro version–normally $10 – $20–for free for the holidays. If you want to do conversions of all sorts of video files–including DVDs–to DivX, you need to have the Pro version. For a while–and I don’t know how long–you don’t have to cough up any bucks.

Here’s the links:

[via FreshDV]







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