Fresh Air Double-Ender Correction

Last week I noted in a post about my interview with Michael W Dean that the NPR program Fresh Air uses the same kind of recording method that we used. What we did was talk over Skype but record our own voice locally. Then Michael sent me a file of his audio and I edited them together, making it sound like we were in the same room.

But Michael fact-checked me on this assertion, and found that Wikipedia says Fresh Air , “uses fiber-optic lines to conduct its interviews leading to a superior sound quality.” So, presuming Wikipedia is right, that means I’m wrong.

Nevertheless, it’s a technique used quite a bit in community and public radio when you don’t want to be stuck using just telephone-quality audio, provided you don’t have to go live. And I’d guess that Fresh Air probably used the technique in the past, before they had the big bucks for a fiber line. But, please feel free to correct me or comment.

By the way… that interview with Mr. Dean is up on the radioshow page.







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