O’Reilly Reviews New Digital Audio Recorder

Digital audio recorders that use flash memory are finally becoming common and inexpensive enough to be good tools for independent media makers. And, it’s just in time to pick up from minidisc, which has probably gasped its last breath.

At work I’ve been experimenting with the Zoom H4, which is a moderately priced (~$250) digital recorder that uses SD memory cards and has two built-in stereo condenser microphones. I like it, and think it would make a good general purpose recorder for an independent reporter or interviewer to record for radio or podcasts.

Samson has now introduced an even smaller recorder that has four built-in mics for stereo surround recorders, for even less money: the Zoom H2. O’Reilly Digital Media has a thorough review of that recorder.

O’Reilly also reviewed the bigger H4 back in February.







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