Pirate Radio USA To Be Freed upon the ‘Net

The free radio documentary Pirate Radio USA is scheduled to be released for free, without DRM tomorrow at its distributor’s website, B-Side Entertainment.

Correction [2007.05.30]: It’s not free to download, but darn close at just $2.99 — without DRM hassles! Available now.

I think this is a great move for the filmmakers, DJ Her and DJ Him. After making the rounds of the festival circuit this will open up the film to a wider audience who may be willing to buy a DVD. The real money isn’t in festivals — in fact, they’re downright expensive. Festivals can be a way into being picked up into wider distribution, but that’s a longshot.

Jason Scott, of BBS Documentary fame, has shown that having a dedicated niche audience can help you recoup your costs on DVD by good marketing connections and being respectful to your audience.

The filmmakers also plan to do some DIY screenings, which is also a great low-budget way of getting your film out there.

You can hear more about Pirate Radio USA on the Nov. 25, 2005 edition of the mediageek radioshow, and in the “DVD-extras” to the show.







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