More Free Video Editing

The Camcorderinfo blog has posted a round-up of video editing apps for “non-video folks” and a couple more free video editing apps.

I haven’t tried most of the apps listed, except iMovie, so I can’t vouch. Using a free app (whether it’s free as in beer, or free as in speech) is a good way to test the waters to see if editing video is for you.

My only caution is that if you decide you like editing, be sure you like the program you’re using before you start in on any large projects–either something more than 30 minutes, or something really complex with tons of cuts. My reasoning is that video editing apps are each enough different and complex that you must adapt your workflow to how they work. Once you get settled in, it’s a little more work to try and change apps. And it’s nearly impossible to port one project to a whole other application (like from Avid to Premiere or Final Cut).

The free editing app you have may be exactly what you need. But your world will suck if you get two-thirds into your first feature-film and realize that your editing app poses more of a obstacle than a help.







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