Reviewing Some Media-Making Gear

Occasionally I post some reviews of electronics gear to Epinions. I post there because it increases the likelihood that my reviews will be found by someone who is looking for them and will appreciate them.

Recently I reviewed Sony’s latest (and maybe last) minidisc recorder, the MZ-RH1, which also allows you to upload all your old legacy MDs to your PC. I use the RH1 every week to record the radioshow and get it uploaded quickly. I also use it when I need to record interviews.
MZ-RH1 Display+Remote

I also reviewed the Sony Alpha 100 digital SLR camera, which is part of my less-often-blogged-about photography hobby.

Both can be excellent tools for independent media makers, provided your needs match their strengths and features. I will rarely recommend any piece of electronics gear unequivocably, even if I like it a lot.






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