Revving up the Dirty War in Oaxaca

George Salzman has sent another update from the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico, which he has posted in full at his own website:

Oaxaca, Saturday 11 Nov 2006


The Oaxaca State and Mexican federal governments are unleashing a dirty war against the widespread social rebellion in Oaxaca, in the hope of smashing it as clandestinely as possible, i.e. out of view of the rest of the world. Please help spread the word as much as you can to help keep the repressive forces at bay. I just posted a new item,

Revving up the dirty war in Oaxaca

at .

It reads in part, “The intensity of this surge of state-imposed terror became so flagrant in the past few days that on Thursday 9 Nov APPO [The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca] asked the diocese of Oaxaca to grant asylum to its members – particularly its prominent members who are under threat of assassination. The legal officer of the local Catholic hierarchy, speaking officially, responded promptly – the same day – positively, and with a scathing indictment of the lawless state behavior, asserting in part that there exists “state terrorism and a schizophrenic persecution”.

This struggle, as all such popular efforts in opposition to government repression, needs all the international solidarity it can get. Thanks for whatever you can do to help.

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