Back in the Saddle, Bill Moyers Rocks Net Neutrality

My vacation was too hectic to be relaxing (although I didn’t mind being in Italy and Spain instead of Central Illinois), and I had to hit the ground running when I got back in town. But I’m starting to get my bearings again.

I meant to blog in advance of Bill Moyers on America which aired an episode on Network Neutrality last night on PBS. I’m watching right now on the PVR, and so far I’m pretty impressed with how clear and thorough the reporting is. I’m especially impressed that the program is covering in depth the fact that the major telcos promised 45 megabit broadband back in the 90s in order to get regulatory relief. They got the relief, but we never got the broadband.

Watching this makes me wonder how powerful it would be to have this kind of program air on a major network — maybe replace John Stossel for a night.

If you missed last night’s airing, you can watch it online at the Moyers on America website.

Moyers’ reporter Rick Karr also filed a good report for NPR’s On the Media this week.


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