Vacation Hiatus

Yes, things have been a little quiet at mediageek lately, and they’re going to be quieter for a couple of weeks. First, I’m going on vacation to Spain and Italy, and then I’m going to come back and work my ass off for another week.

So, there will be no posting activity from now until after Oct. 16.

The radioshow will be posted during that time. The Oct. 6 edition features an interview with Dan Roberts, producer of the Shortwave Report. John Anderson, from and Free Press’ Media Minutes, will be hosting the Oct. 13 edition.

In the meantime, one thing that it’s important to keep an eye on will be the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico. NarcoNews is a great source to get unfiltered news of what’s really happening there. Nancy Davies, an American living in Oaxaca whom I interviewed a few weeks ago, has filed another report: Oaxaca is the Football, and the PRI, PAN and PRD Are Kicking it Around.

The Oaxaca teachers have vowed to stay on strike until the PRI governor that state steps down, and the threat of military action continues to loom every larger.






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