Hitting the Congresscritters at Home for Net Neutrality

SavetheInternet details actions in 25 cities where folks hit up their Senators to urge support for network neutrality. Apparently there was success in New York, with Sen. Charles Schumer announcing support for net neutrality, and Iowa, where Sen. Tom Harkin did likewise.

Now, both those guys are Democrats, which in the Senate, at least, have been very supportive to begin with. It would have been a much bigger coup to get some Republican senators to line up behind net neutrality.

Frankly, at the moment the best thing to hope for is that the Senate telco bill creating the national cable franchise dies on the vine because Sen. Ted Stevens can’t line up 60 sure votes to support it against a filibuster or hold. But keeping the issue of net neutrality in the news during the Congressional break is still a good idea, since the Critters up for reelection are busy fundraising and stumping for votes.




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