You Get What You Pay For

Well, not necessarily YOU exactly, unless you happen to have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to congresspeople this year. But if YOU are AT&T, then you’ve gotten a pretty good return on the $1.7 million you’ve donated to federal candidates this year.

67% of AT&T’s donations have gone to Republicans, and as a result the House has passed its speedy entry into the cable TV market with the COPE Act, and the commerce committees in both the House and the Senate have rejected Network Neutrality.

But AT&T is not alone. Millions more have been donated from across the telecomm industry, again with a majority going to Republicans.

The National Journal has more details on the Capitol Hill garage sale.

Sure, you might get to vote. But is your one measly vote worth as much as the $260k Virginia Sen. George Allen raked in from telecomm?


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