Lying Liars on Network Neutrality

Techdirt properly points the finger at liar Mike McCurry, current mouthpiece for the big telcos, for his farcical Op-Ed attacking network neutrality in the Baltimore Sun:

Among the whoppers in the editorial: “The “neutral” proposal that companies like Google are touting will ensure that they never have to pay a dime no matter how much bandwidth they use, and consumers who may only use their computers to send e-mail and play Solitaire get to foot the bill.” That’s a flat out lie. Google pays tremendously large bandwidth bills, and the more they use the more they pay. However, if McCurry is going to pretend Google “never [has] to pay a dime no matter how much bandwidth they use,” let’s see him put up or shut up. If McCurry really believes that, will he agree to pay Google’s bandwidth bills for the rest of this year?


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