One Step Closer to the Demise of the Record Button?

In addition to the votes for LPFM and against net neutrality, the Senate Commerce Committee voted in favor of an amendment creating the broadcast flag for both radio/audio and TV/video. If you haven’t heard already, the broadcast flag would allow all content producers to effectively disable the record button on any digital device you own. The flag regime would force electronics manufacturers to give control over your recorder to the entertainment cartel, even preventing you from recording material that you otherwise have every legal right to record.

This big telecom saugsage keeps getting packed tighter with fat and pork, I’m really hoping it bursts. While I’d like to see net neutrality become law, especially if the big telcos are going to get the big national franchise bone thrown their way, on the whole I’d like to see this so-called telecom reform bill die an ugly death.


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