Minidisc Arrival

My new Sony MZ-RH1 (oh, how I wish electronics could have actual names, rather than arcane model numbers) arrived this afternoon, one day early. I went home to make sure it didn’t sit out on the front step unattended for half the day.

I’ve had a chance to unpack it and take a quick look, but not put it through its paces. My first impression is that it’s more plasticky than I expected. It’s nice black plastic, but kind of disappointing compared to my first Hi-MD, the MZ-NH1 (just one letter difference) whose body is nice brushed magnesium.

The RH1 has a much nicer and bright OLED display on the unit itself that displays recording/playback meters at the same time as the timer and battery status. It’s not a huge display, but it runs nearly the length of the unit.

Another interesting difference is that the power is supplied exclusively via USB. So the power supply just has a USB out to connect directly to the RH1. I hope that means that the recorder will also charge up when connected to a PC’s USB.

I’ll post more impressions and pictures when I’ve had a little more time to use it. Tonight I plan to test the upload function for legacy MDs.






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