Chicago Protest Against AT&T’s Anti-Net-Neutrality Campaign, May 24

Just received word from Mitchell at Chicago Media Action that they’re planning a protest against AT&T as part of a national Day of Media Outrage:

In response to dreadful proposed media-related legislation now working
its way through Congress, Chicago Media Action, along with organizers
in Boston and New York City (and a number of other cities), are planning
a National Day of Media Outrage. As part of this national day of action,
CMA will stage a protest and outreach effort:

The Event — “AT&T: Bringing Us To Tiers”

The Place — Outside the AT&T / SBC building, at the intersection of
Congress Parkway and South Federal Street in downtown Chicago (just a
block south of the Library / State and Van Buren CTA station, immediately
west of the Harold Washington Library Center)

The Date and Time — Wednesday, May 24, 4pm to 6pm

More information, and a longer version of this announcement, is online


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