mediageek video blog #2: space is the place

The sleepy college towns of Champaign-Urbana, IL wake up with a vengeance in late April and early May with the arrival of spring. There are tons of events and festivals over the course of about three weeks between the defrosting and the end of the university semester.

Two weekends ago was one of the newer events, the Boneyard Arts festival, which now spans all of Champaign county. The Urbana-Champaign IMC hosted a late night space with interesting music and art, with the music curated by my friend, Jason Finkelman. Jason’s own Nu Orbit Ensemble played (for which my pal Jay Eychaner plays synth), as did the Chicago-based performance art/marching band Environmental Encroachment, which features my pal and ex-Urbana-ite Dan Merlo on trombone. The two bands joined together on Friday night for a rousing rendition of Sun Ra‘s “Space Is the Place,” which is the subject of the second mediageek video blog:

Hey, not everything has to be about media policy.







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