mediageek video blog #1: a minor pledge drive adventure

WEFT‘s spring pledge drive started more than 10 days ago, but April 7 was the first pledge drive show for mediageek. I went early to help with hosting the Courier, which starts at 4 PM (mediageek goes on at 5:30), and decided I might drag along a camcorder to document a little of what goes on behind the scenes.

The result is a six minute short video giving a look at the minor disasters that can happen with live community radio.

I challenged myself to assemble the whole video using iMovie (5), the NLE of the masses. And I found the process just a little bit frustrating because I am more used to more advanced editors like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Nevertheless, I finished, crappy lighting and all. Hey, I was running-and-gunning it, no auxiliary lights here — just a few insufficient incandescents that barely illuminate WEFT’s main studio (soon to undergo renovation).

Now you may watch the first ever mediageek video blog post:

Both videos require Quicktime or another suitable MPEG-4 capable player.



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  1. ragnar Avatar


    Really enjoyed the Video. Nice to see inside a real community radio studio, you should do it more often.


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