Sudden Positive Interest in Minidisc

It’s strange, minidisc had been pretty much left for dead by the mainstream, despite a pretty big installed user base. Now Sony defies expectation by releasing a new recorder that sheds just about every drawback of the format and a few positive articles pop up in the geek mediasphere.

About a week ago, the Crave consumer electronics site of Cnet UK posted a short opinion piece by Chris Stevens, who writes:

Fifteen years after its launch, there is still nothing to compete with the MiniDisc for price and convenience. Each recordable disc costs as little as £4, and can store more music than an average CD. Flash memory can’t compete at that price — have you ever heard of anyone swapping mixtape memory cards with friends?

Then, today, Slashdot takes on an article from OS News that explains “Why Sony Should’ve Put Its Weight Behind Hi-MD.”

The question remains, however: are there enough minidisc geeks to keep the format alive past 2006?







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