One little mystery solved

I am very pleased that the mediageek radioshow continues to gain in popularity, at least as reflected by the number of downloads each edition receives. The average is now getting closer to 400 per program. But one of the shows, from Oct. 28 of last year, continues to blow all the other ones away, with more than 2000 downloads right now.

This has been a constant mystery to me that I’ve wanted to solve — why is this the most popular program? The topic was interesting, talking about low-power AM radio, but not a topic I’d think would garner so much more interest than others.

And, today, I figured it out. I needed to reinstall and reconfigure iTunes on my PC at work because it got partially rebuilt, and I decided to check out mediageek at the iTunes music store. When it comes up and you audition the show, it’s the Oct. 28 edition it plays by default. Bingo – that’s it.

I wish there were a way I could change the default audition show — not because the Oct 28 one is bad, but because I’d like it to rotate or maybe play the most recent one.







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