Catch Up on the Radioshow: Broadcast Flag Hearing, Podcasting and Public Broadcasting, Nexstar and the Decline of Local TV

If you haven’t been tuning in to the mediageek radioshow in the last month, I think you’ve missed some pretty interesting programs.

  • On Jan. 13 my guest was Ken Schreiner, who was formerly news director of Nexstar-owned WCIA-TV in Champaign, IL. Ken held nothing back talking about how Nexstar is defunding its local news operations and how he watched the decline of TV journalism in his 30 years in the business.
  • On Jan. 20 I talked with Jack Brighton, the Internet guru for public broadcaster WILL-AM-FM-TV. Jack is the man responsible for bringing WILL’s valuable local programming to the ‘net, and making it available for streaming and podcasting. He’s a strong advocate of making public broadcasting content available to as many people as freely as possible, even as some powerful figures on the national pubcasting scene want to sell it.
  • And just last Friday WEFT’s Jeff Nicholson-Owens and I discussed last week’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the Broadcast Flag. We listened to excerpts of hearing testimony and discussion, including Sen. John Sununu’s suprising attack on the Flag and historical defense of recording technology.

The radioshow is posted every Sunday by midnight Central time, and is available through a podcast feed, too. It’s free to air for any noncommerical or community radio station — please let me know if your station airs it and I’ll mention it at the end of the show. As of right now the programs airs on 9 stations: home station WEFT, KRFP, KQRP, KRBS, WSLR, WTND, WRFA, CKDU and Free Radio Olympia.

Finally, please take my poll to help me know what listeners want to hear more about on the radioshow. I moved it to the main mediageek page as well as the radioshow page. So now there’s no excuse not to weigh in. As of today, more pirate radio news and info is winning with a healthy margin.







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