The Life of One Brand of Cheapo Electronics

One might argue that cheap, nearly disposable, electronics is one signpost towards the collapse of modern capitalism. If so, the Yorx brand is one trip taken on that road.

I only remember Yorx as the cheaper (but not cheapest) brand when you went shopping for boomboxes or radios during the 1980s at stores like Consumers Distributors and Caldor. But, according to Gizmodo’s Low End Theory column, Yorx didn’t start out that way.

Indeed, I remember passing by one of the nondescript lowrise Yorx buildings off Rt. 46 in beautiful Totowa, NJ during high school in the late 80s. I had always secretly hoped they would open a factory store like the Thomas’ English Muffin one about a quarter-mile away.

I don’t think I ever owned any Yorx electronics, though I do have fond memories of my Emerson turntable, cassette, radio combo stereo from around 1984. I thought it was better than a Yorx.

See the Pocket Calcuator Show’s Boombox Museum for more electronics nostalgia.






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