Arrrgh, Pirate Radio News Pieces

Here’s a little round-up of pirate news from around the US and UK:

  • John at discovered that the FCC has delivered a notice of unlicensed operation to Zach De La Rocha, former singer for Rage Against the Machine. Zach has been an outspoken proponent of pirate radio in the past, making a tribute in song with Guerrilla Radio. Jake notes that the frequency of Zach’s alleged broadcast has been known to rebroadcast the signal of LA internet station, Kill Radio.
  • Last week 44 pirate stations were taken off the air in London, according to Ofcom, the British version of the FCC. The raids netted 53 transmitters, and Ofcom alleges that they also got drugs and firearms. Similar to the scare-tactics used by the FCC (known to claim that pirate stations will cause airplanes to fall from the sky), Ofcom tells Reuters that, “There is a direct link between some illegal broadcasters and serious crime.” So, I’m sure London will see a massive drop in its crime rate now.
  • San Diego, CA pirate 106.9 FM announced on its blog that the station will be shutting down temporarily, due to a lack of funds:

    “The need to remain anonymous, due to the climate of violent repression of free speech in the United States, also keeps us from more common methods of fundraising like grant writing.”

    106.9 received a warning letter from the FCC back in August and delcared their intent to defy.

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