Brief Dish vs. Viacom Followup

Yesterday I asked if Dish would pro-rate my subscription charge for the loss of my Viacom channels — Comedy Central being the only one I miss.

Well, the answer is, yes. Dish is running a continuous feed of a short video featuring CEO Charlie Ergen explaining the situation (from Dish’s POV), and he tells us that we’ll have a big $1 discount for every month we have no Viacom. On top of that, they’re giving the Canadian-based Fuse (formerly MuchMusic) music video channel in place of MTV to everyone who didn’t already receive Fuse. I already get Fuse, and watch it more than MTV, because it actually has videos, and a lot of metal.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dish and Viacom today pledged to end the stalemate real quick now.