A Really Free Press

I surfed on by the (apparently frozen in late-2003) ‘new’ Factsheet 5 website, but found a nice interview with Mike Hoy of Loompanics Unlimited, publisher of great titles like Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving and Methods of Disguise.

About twelve years ago I bought a Loompanics title at an Anarchist bookstore in Paterson, NJ called the Outlaw’s Bible. Up to that point I’d heard of Loompanics, but found it hard to find their books in pre-Internet suburban-hell New Jersey, so I was thrilled to finally find some for sale. Unfortunately, I don’t think that bookstore lasted very long, since the local cops had shot out some windows in retalliation for the CopWatch newspaper affiliated with the store. 1991 also was not a good time to give voice to dissent.






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  1. […] As I mentioned before, I was first exposed to Loompanics buying a copy of the aforementioned Outlaw’s Bible at a short-lived Anarchist bookstore in Paterson, NJ around 1991. It was not the sort of thing a suburban Jersey kid could easily get his hands on back then, and I was glad Loompanics existed. […]