Back and Home Sick, Watching TV

First, the obligatory apologies for the protracted Thanksgiving-related absence from the blog. I was back home in Jersey for the holiday, and enjoyed listening to a little bit of freeform favorite WFMU and Pacifica’s WBAI. The latter was a bit surreal as I tuned in to hear what sounded like a DJ’s last show, leaving under apparently unhappy (but vague) circumstances. Part of the honesty of community radio is that it allows the freedom for DJs to melt down on-air. Commercial radio doesn’t tolerate any Johnny Fevers anymore.

As a reward for taking a holiday, I’m now home sick with what feels like the flu. After many hours of sleeping, I’m now conscious and watching TV. Luckily, I have Dish Network and therefore get Free Speech TV. This afternoon they’re running Negativland videos and episodes of a short program called Big Tea Party.

The Big Tea Party is a Philadelphia-based 3-minute radical DIY cooking-crafty-activist program hosted by Elizabeth Fiend. It’s real fun stuff that I wish was longer than 3 minutes, and reminds me how much more vital 3 minutes of inspired independent TV can be than hours of the usual crap.






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  1. aj michel Avatar
    aj michel

    I’m so glad you got to see “Big Tea Party”!! Elizabeth Fiend, along with her husband, Alan Fiend are long-time Philadelphia musicians (their band was More Friends) and long time supporters of the local scene. Elizabeth is actually a senior librarian and bibliographer at UPenn!

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