What’s Up With Chris Plummer?

The Internet is a crazy place sometimes. Today the mediageek site is getting hundreds and hundreds of hits from people using various search engines looking for “Chris Plummer CBS Marketwatch,” or some similar variation. Inexplicably, one old mediageek post comes up as the top, or close to the top search result all around.

Of course, what I’m trying to figure out is: why is everyone looking for Chris Plummer?

One guess I have is that folks must be looking for Plummer’s most recent article, entitled “Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S.; If only such largesse flowed to all of us,” which seems to have gotten a little bit of attention. But that’s only a big guess.

So if any mediageek readers have any better educated guesses, please share ’em.






2 responses to “What’s Up With Chris Plummer?”

  1. gle Avatar

    Hit’s coming (at least in part) from broken link on http://boortz.com/nuze/index.html

  2. kellan Avatar

    I think the story got mentioned on NPR or something yesterday. At least my NPR dependent coworker had just heard of it.

    Similarly, I know whenever there is a Spencer Tunick photoshoot going on anywhere in the world as my traffic to an old post goes through the roof. (even though I’m not on the first page of results, but people are willing to scroll through 3-4 pages before giving up having not found any pictures of naked people)

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