How the Dittoheads Elevate Our Discourse

As I noted a few days ago, a column in the American Spectator decrying the liberal and lefty failure to have much sympathy for Rush Limbaugh’s drug problems quoted the ‘geek as one example of this “angry, cowardly, and vile hate-fest.” (Of course, my response is along the lines of: the pot calling the kettle black; or, more maturely: takes one to know one).

It was a couple of barely-literate profanity-strewn comments to mediageek that alerted me to the Spectator’s link, but I had already deleted the comments when I made the connection.

In my earlier post I anticipated that a barrage of right-wing flames would be hitting this site, but, by and large, they have not materialized. Perhaps my original post on Limbaugh isn’t quite the “vile hate-fest” the Spectator’s David Hogberg makes it out to be.

However, patience was rewarded yesterday by the following comment from someone using the moniker “DemsAreWhores” and the e-mail address “,” which is actually aimed more at one of the earlier commenters to my post than at me:

“Slam, what a pathetic little loser you are. It is very evident you are mentally ill. Get some help you pathetic piece of shit.”

Wow! Now that is a penetrating refutation, zeroing in on all of Slam’s and my points with laser-like accuracy and an eloquence rivaling William F. Buckley on his most lucid of days. Dittoheads win again!






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